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With all the efforts of our participants, judges, volunteers and mentors, VR Hachathon Queensland had a great success this year in late September. This article will be a summary of the event.


The theme is announced after the event began.

The theme for the event was '15 Seconds Of Fun' where each team was challenged to creating an immersive experience which would be fun within 15 seconds. The reason we came up with this theme was because there is a lot of VR content available online, but it can be hard to find something which is quick and easy to learn, but also extremely fun, something that users will want to play over and over again.



Develop Time

In total there were 10 teams, team sizes averaged 2 to 4 participants. 

The Winning Team

With a team of 3, between then there was 2 x programmers and 1 x 3d artist. Their submission included hand tracking utilized the HTC Vive and a Leap Motion device. The experience was a 'Fire Ball Thrower' where players had to throw and hit virtual targets with fire balls coming from their hands.

The winning team will join in 2018 Global VR Hachathon Final in China.