Global VR Hackathon


Virtual Reality as a new medium, has attracted millions of developers worldwide. It is great to see how far did the medium developed, and how big did the community grow since its commercial launch. We are so excited that the global community is so active and the difference regions are trying to work together to bring it to the next step.


Being the biggest developer community in China, VRCOREs biggest effort has always been bridging local community with rest of the world, and sharing more knowledge, communication and understanding of China market with the global community. We sincerely hope that China can be a leading force in the development of this global medium.


In the summer of 2017, VRCORE worked with global VR developer communities, to host worlds first Global VR Hackathon. And we are looking for more developers all over the world join this event, wish to create an opportunity to bring all communities together, foster collaborations and promote the industry.



Competition Rules


1, In January to September, VR communities in different region will host their regional competition of the Global VR Hackathon.

2, In Octorber, the winning teams of regional competitions will participate the final Championship.


We hope to invite more developer communities to participate in this global event. In order to maximize the branding and the collective effort, we hope to introduce a set of standards to unify the operation and promotion of the event for all participating regions.


1, Unified Branding

All community participants should use Global VR Hackathon as the brand name of the event with a sub-name indicating the city. For example: Global VR Hackathon – Shanghai Station

Only one station will be allowed in one city. The application for next year will start on November.


2,Format of the competition

The regional competition should be held on between January and September.

The regional competition shall be organized with ruled determined by local organizer.

All the winning teams of regional competition will be invited to participate the Championship competition in October. The organizers should make sure the team to the Championship.


3, Promotion of the event

We expect regional developer communities to promote all participating communities in other regions during the promotion of the event.

We expect all participating communities to promote this global event through their own resources and channels.


Look Into The Future

We sincerely believe that the Global VR Hackathon will promote the communication and collaborations across regions. If you are align with our vision and goal for this event, please join us and be part of this initiative. If you are interested in participating, please contact us with the following form attached at The staff will contact with you for the next steps to be an organizer.


We are looking forward to your participation!



Global VR Hackathon Application


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Attender number


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